It is so important to be honest with you stylist on any haircoloring you have done to your hair. This can effect how your end result will be.

I do not reccomend going from dark to light blonde in one sitting. Thr integrity of your hair is so important. Take that step slowly. Although it can be done in most cases. It will damage your hair. If you weave a heavy blonde in every month or so you can get the same result with half the damage.

Color fades- ( especially now that it is summer) Get a good shampoo & conditioner made for color. the same line that is made by the people who developed that color line is the best.

DO not come to a haircoloring service with brand new clean hair, But do not come with dirty hair either. One day old washed hair is best.

Bring pictures of what you want. Make sure your communication is good with your stylist.

remember you are not Heather lockleer and do not have her exact hair. keep your expectations according to your hair type.

   stay within 2 or 3 levels of your natural hair color it will look much better on you.

Make sure you ask how much your service  will cost so you are not surprised at the end. Your stylist will only know this imformation after your consultation, by then she/he should know exactly what they are doing. keep in mind if you have long hair and are charged per bowl the price can vary a little. 


Do not wash your hair before a perm!

DO not wash your hair for 48 hours after a perm. try not to put up in a scrunchy as this can pull out your curl.

Do not get your newly perm wet.

Be honest about any chemicals that may be in your hair. Especially SUN IN.

tell your stylist if you have had a perm that did not turn out when you make the appointment, so she can get the proper perm for you!

Bring in pictures of the type of curl you desire.