I will be updating this in the next couple weeks for the new year, so check back soon.

All styles were taken from Celebrity Hairstles Magazine. May 2008 & August 2008 issues.

Short Hair

Possibilities are endless with Short hair. But most all short hair has some sort of layers. this is what gives the hair texture. One thing you do need to know with short hair, Is products are  a must!! You will not achieve the same look as your stylist gives you without the right products. make her/him show you how to style your hair and what products they used.

The Modernized Bob

The bob will always be in style in one form of another. A-lines are still popular, however people are also wearing them with bangs or side bangs( fringe) . Texture is always good too. the good thing about the bob is you can have it cut to your style needs.

Medium Hair

where to begin with medium length hair.There are so many options. I wll tell you the full on flip is out, but the whispy flaired ends which resemble a flip are in, such as picture to left. Side Bangs are huge, texture & Color are Hot. seperated fringe is a must. Have fun with it.

Long Hair

It is being worn with large barrel curls, wavey ,or straight but definetely with layers.