Before & After Shots

I love before & after shots. Seeing how much someone can change from such a simple thing as a haircut or color is amazing. I have been so bad lately on taking before & after shots, so alot of these styles are older and may not be as popular. But, you can see the difference hair can make on a person. I will be taking a lot more photos now so I hope to have new pictures up on here often.

All After shots were taken by me! As well as hair & make-up. On most for make-up not all.

Going Short for Makayla

Going Short for Makayla! Makayla has never had short hair. Especially not this short. She came in with a picture of this cut, wanting something easy to do especially with all the wavve in her hair. I knew it would be darling on her. Will her dad like it that hates short hair? Probably not but she looks great! And she loves her new sassy cut!



I recently cut my girls hair just like this. They show up at a dance party and it was a huge hit. i am cutting several girls at dance hair just like it now. Erika looks darling with her new short stacked bob.


How fun is Ellie?

I love it when people dare to go really short. Ellie dared. She went more red and sassy short. She is such a cutie. The first picture is before and the others are after.

From the words of Tanne Griffith- "People are nicer to Blond's"

Kelsi gets a Perm

Dawnell was going through a really rough time in life. I suggested a makeover. We got rid of Half of all those bulky bangs, and gave her a layered bob so her hair wouldn't look so straggly.


Kris had long curly hair that she loved to wear high in the sky. She wanted a whole new change and more manageable curls. First we lightened up that color by doing carmel and light blonde highlights. Then we got rid of a ton of hair.Put in some layers, gave her a side part. And BAM! She has a new updated look!

Terrel was such a great sport to do this for me. he let me cut off his growing long hair, Now he looks like Mr. GQ.

Misty was a young mom with big plain hair. She wanted to look hip & sassy and not like a mom. We gave her some bold tiger lights, a sassy razor cut to flatten that hair, and she looked hot!

Lacie wanted a whole different look and wanted to be darker, So we took her darker and gave her a few red hair pieces to stick in for fun.

Tegan was sick of being the plain kid in school. She wanted something bold that would get her noticed.

Kylee was going from Junior High to High school and wanted a more mature look.

Dakota wanted to be the cool kid in class. We gave him an edgy look for school